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NDL is open to any form of cooperation with any interested
organisation to develop care system for diabetic patients.

Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League (NDL) is a Regional Public organization of Handicapped People which unites diabetic patients, members of their families, diabetologists, other people and institutions interested in joint solution of the problems, related to diabetes.

NDL has been carrying out its activities since April 1994 and is representing the interests of 62 000 diabetic patients in Nizhny Novgorod & N.Novgorod Region.

The date of creation RPOH NDL - 10 April 1994.
The date of legal status and of official registration RPOH NDL - 02 November 1994.

The primary objective of NDL is joining the efforts of different state, medical, commercial organizations and diabetics themselves in the cause of medical and social rehabilitation and adaptation of diabetic patients.


The NDL's structure is based on a territorial administrative principle and includes 6 regional divisions, as well as functional departments:
Diabetic Education Centre "DiaNN", Medical Information and Consulting Department, Family Club Families.  



The important fields of the NDL's activities are:

  • carrying out sociological researches among the diabetic patients;
  • participation in working out special City programmes in the field of diabetes;
  • lobbying measures on the state level aimed at rendering assistance to diabetics;
  • spreading the information on diabetes among diabetic patients and the rest of the population by means of publication in press, speeches on the Radio and TV, supplying them with special literature free of charge;
  • participation in promoting, holding on and financing symposiums, seminars, conferences on the problems of diabetes;
  • yearly holding "World Diabetes Day";
  • organising healthy leisure-time.

Russia-Finnish Diabetic Cources "DiaNNa"

(est. September 1997)
unites teenagers and young people with diabetic disease.

The first action of the DiaNNa's was carrying out the International Summer Camp near N.Novgorod, where teenagers from N.Novgorod, Penza , Kazan met to spend their summer holidays.
Integration of teenagers and young people having diabetes into their city's and country's social life, for example their participation in:

  • charitable meeting organized for veterans suffering from diabetes;

The project started with a treatment guidance course for young diabetics in autumn 1997 in Nizhny Novgorod.

The experiences gained through this were very positive and inspiring. The participating students reflected their valuable learning experiences, i.e. planning the course, lectures and presentation skills. The hospitality and kindness shown by the hosting partner was impressive and very considerate.
The second course was arranged for adult diabetics in the spring of 1998 and the positive experiences were reinforced. In March of 1999 a delegation from Nizhny Novgorod visited Tampere to get acquainted with the project development and facilities here.
The role of Finnish partners has been to plan the contents for the courses and carrying them out in collaboration with the partners in N.Novgorod.

The Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League has carried out all other planning and organizing.

They have taken into consideration also the vital cultural aspect of the course programme by arranging intercultural activities between official programmer details.

Nizhny Novgorod Diabetic League has achieved valuable goals in caring for children, young people and adults suffering from diabetes. NDL has shown remarkable interest in international collaboration and cannot be cured, we can thrive towards better quality of life and loss complications for the people living with diabetes.

Search for new and non-traditional ways for education and self-control motivation is constantly being carried out, for example:

  • self-control diaries competit ition ;
  • quizzes and competitions "I control my diabetes", "Myself and diabetes";
  • celebration of birthdays;
  • promulgation of healthy way of life with diabetes;
  • regional agitation and informative meetings between teenagere and stateand medical authorities, and also young people having diabetes, held in NN and other cities of Russia ;
  • meetings with well-known people who have been suffering from diabetes for a long period of time and having active social position;
  • collective and individual correspondence with diabetic patients from other cities and countries;
  • joint visits to the theatre, museums, exhibitions and discotheques;
  • creating sport teams (volley-ball, basketball, soccer, tennis and rowing).

Besides young people having diabetes there are also their friends taking active part in activity of the Diabetic Foundation.

Family Club
(est. October 1997)

Unites families having children under 14 years old, suffering Diabetes Mellitus with theaim of rendering them assistance in social and psychological adaptation and rehabilitation. It is working in the following trends:

  • Organising summer and winter holidays and leisure-time;
  • Holding meetings between parents and children and leading specialists-diabetologists;
  • Organizing sport competitions jointly with charitable Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk company;


  • joint visits to the theatre, museums, exhibitions and other places of interest;
  • training sessions in a gymnasium;
  • play-days and parties;
  • psychological rehabilitation for children and their parents.
  • issuing the Informational Leaflet


The achieved results and extensive experience of practical work as well as connections with IDF and diabetes organizations of Russia and C.I.S. induced NDL to act as an information and coordination centre for already established and being presently established diabetes organizations of Russia :

  • regional diabetes organizations act as initiators of local programs using the N. Novgorod city program "Diabetes" as a model.
  • being supporters of NDL's initiative, many regional public diabetes organizations can out "The Diabetes Day" on a yearly basis using consultative assistance of NDL.
  • children's (family) and teenagers' clubs are being established as affiliated structures of public diabetes organizations taking into consideration the experience of similar organizations created within the structure of NDL.

Medical Information and Consulting Department
(est. March 1998)

Unites doctors-diabetologists from N. Novgorod clinics with the main purpose to (1) perfect the professional level of multidisciplinary team (doctors and nurses) engaged in diabetes care and develop better care for diabetic patients.

NDL actively cooperates with mass media (newspapers, magazines) specialized in diabetes issues ("Diabetes. The way of life", "Medicine for you", "Medical newspaper", "Pharmaceutical Herald") as well as with others giving diverse news coverage ( Diabetes & Health. XXI Century, Diabetes, etc.):

  • creating articles and publications on problems faced by people having diabetes, drawing public attention to these problems,
  • education of population in diabetes issue, exchange of activity experience between diabetes organizations;
  • carrying out sociological inquiries aimed at investigating quality of life of people suffering from diabetes as well as holding press-conferences on the issue.

On the initiative of NDL the "The World Diabetes Day" is yearly held in Privolzhsky Federal District of Russia beginning with November 20, 1995 . N.Novgorod diabetic patients, representatives of the Russian and N.Novgorod governments, Health Administration, Russian diabetes societies, medical specialists from leading N.Novgorod clinics as well as representatives of commercial circles take part in it. Well known foreign firms working in the field of diabetes usually sponsor these celebrations.

Since 1995 in the framework of "The World Diabetes Day", NDL has been organizing and holding round table discussions for representatives of public diabetes organizations of Russia and C.I.S. countries with participation of British Diabetes Association (BDA).

NDL - membership of Russian Diabetic Association ( Moscow, 1996).
NDL - membership of DIABETES UK ( Memb. # 9924202, 3/11/1999 ).

During last years summer rehabilitation camps have been organized my NDL jointly with the Department of Healthcare and have been financed over the budget of N. Novgorod Government, N. Novgorod Pension Fund and N. Novgorod Medical Insurance Fund.

Since 1994 teaching diabetic patients in the " School of Diabetes " has been carried out in these camps.

Efficiency of NDL's work

As a result of NDL's active position and its close cooperation with N. Novgorod Government structures the level of diabetes patients' life was increased.

  • special city and regional programs "Diabetes" is being fulfilled;
  • all patients having diabetes are provided with high quality blood sugar decreasing medicine;
  • diabetes patients are supplied with insulin produced by "Novo Nordisk" and "Ely Lilly" and SANOFI Aventis in necessary quantities;
  • people suffering from diabetes are provided free of charge with test strips for blood and urine glucose tests in necessary quantities;
  • there are 14 educational courses functioning for patients having diabetes type 1 and type 2 and members of their families;
  • diabetes patients are supplied free of charge with disposable syringes, injection pens and needles. All children and teenagers in N. Novgorod suffering from diabetes were provided with glucometers.